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to each compound belongs a surface


Fig. 11. Photograph of the solid T-X Model.
Fig. 12. Photograph of the solid P-X model.
(squared, minus captions within image)
illustrating George W. Morey. “The Ternary System H20-K2Si03-Si02.”
(Microscopic study by C. N. Fenner.) Journal of the American Chemical Society 39:6 (June 1917) : 1173-1229
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

“To each compound belongs a surface, and, as before, intersection of two surfaces gives a boundary curve, of three surfaces, an invariant point. On account of the extreme range of pressure in this system, it was necessary to use a variable scale.”

24 August 2014

curves; boundary curves; models; solids; surfaces; G. W. Morey. “The Ternary System H20-K2Si03-Si02” (1917)