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which was the fashion in the early designs

Figs. 6 and 7.
Part(s) of the oldest drawing of the universal milling machine. Drawing(s) made on September 7, 1862
details — Fig 7 (upper two) and Fig 6 (lower pair), all 90º cw, R curve output 128
Luther D. Burlingame (1856-1932). “The Universal Milling Machine.” American Machinist. Volume xxxiv. (January 5, 1911) : 9-13
Stanford copy, no date of digitization.

and the drawings were hand-made tracings.
and epigram   /   11

attending to the artefactual features of middling scans of
halftone reproductions of
Scientific American (?) reproductions of
tracings from
and increased output (to 128) of red
that’s already in the rgb jpeg.

2 October 2015

curves; drawing; fashion; machinery; red; L. D. Burlingame, “The Universal Milling Machine&lrdquo; (1911)