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clearings, maybe (an aside)

strange, so much stuff, books, dust — evidence of distractions, timelost, retreats, failures — around me, while what goes up at asfaltics is so minimal, desert-dry mute.

something decadent about this. — put another way, unlikely waymarks in a forest of clutter and mess.

each post a provisional, temporary clearing.

this observation originated yesterday, and rimes with some of this morning’s reading —
Katie Kilroy-Marac her “A Magical Reorientation of the Modern: Professional Organizers and Thingly Care in Contemporary North America,” Cultural Anthropology 31:3 (August 2016) : 438-457 (and here)
via @shannonmattern

meanwhile, at 0678 (of 1,651) in my backup project.

interesting to encounter this now, 8 June 2019

22 January 2016

asides; clearings; clutter; thingly care; Katie Kilroy-Marac, “A Magical Reorientation of the Modern” (2016)