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les rosaces / rosettes

Fig. 2. Salle des appareils municipaux
(detail, my (poor) photo of (Harvard) library copy; marked at lower left “E. A. Till”)
illustrating Frank Geraldy, “Installation Nouvelle du Poste Central des Télégraphes a Paris,”
La Lumière Électrique (6 Janvier 1883) : 14-20

scan of Penn State copy available via google books (opens to this image)
and (as pdf of entire volume) via
Cnum (Le Conservatoire numérique des Arts et Métiers)

At the mezzanine is the room reserved for ladies. Here are arranged 30 Hughes and 196 Morse apparatus... 92 devices serve Paris offices; the rest connect the central station with the suburbs and with certain points in the provinces.

Fig. 2 is a view of the end of this room, chosen because it affords a clear view of the rosette [rosace] of the wires.... Their total number is 480, with a combined length of about 21 5000 m. in their total journey to the various apparatus... The rosettes receive the lines coming from the outside, and remain the simplest means of connecting them with the apparatus, and of facilitating necessary changes without disorder.

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1 June 2017

tags: network; telegraphy; F. Geraldy, “Installation Nouvelle du Poste Central des Télégraphes a Paris” (1883)