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and dilution itself, aside

Fig. 14. Riensch’s Disc Screen
(badly scanned; detail; inverted)
ex Chapter 3, Screening and Straining of Sewage, in Leonard Parker Kinnicutt, Charles-Edward Amory Winslow and Robert Winthrop Pratt, Sewage Disposal (New York : 1910)
NYPL copy, digitized April 26, 2006
scan of University of Michigan copy opens to same page, at archive.org

favored by dilution; and dilution itself, aside       19
aside from dilution, true self-purification has played a part       29
aside from this point       120
aside from the laying out of the land       197
aside from this factor of       275
aside from this false loss of capacity a true loss begins       288
if we put aside       322

another merely odd.

25 January 2018

asides; dilution; hygiene; Riensch’s Disc Screen; Kinnicutt, Winslow & Pratt, Sewage Disposal (1910)