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when margins approach a marginal ridge

Fig. 16. (cropped from border; scan of Harvard copy, digitized April 19, 2007), illustrating
F(rederick). B(ogue). Noyes (1872-1961, *), “Structure of the Enamel in its relation to the formation of the walls and margins of cavities. (Cusps and marginal ridges.)” The Dental Digest 9:2 (Chicago; February 1903) : 139-163 (151)
same at hathitrust (opening to Fig. 16)

“The mesio-lingual piece (Fig. 16) shows the decay in the pit and the structure of the mesial marginal ridge, and Fig. 17, a higher power, shows the rod-directions better. This is a splendid illustration of what may occur when margins approach a marginal ridge. Notice the direction of the rods as the tip of the dentin ridge is approached. In that position it would be impossible not to have unsupported rods which would be sure to loosen sooner or later, and if that point is reached the margin must be carried to where the structure can be trusted.” (158-159)

aside —
this paper illuminated throughout by beautifully composed histological photographs.

tired, landed indirectly here via sandpaper (came up in class), an attempt at locating Holiday Sandpapers, Collected by Uwe Petruch (Redfoxpress, April 2017); leading to a folder that might have contained it, but contained instead Don Mackie “is sly blowin blow...” (from San Jose State College, ca 1971-72; who was he? where is he now?); associated regrets, &c. and a search for “is sly blowin blow...” (20211019)

20 October 2021