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hardware stores, telegraphic codes, asphalt. miscellanalist. ephemeralist. frequently deactivating/reactivating. move things around; words too. adapun ceritera...

the asfaltics twitter account deactivated on 25 July 2019.
reactivated (for how long?) 16 August 2019

twitter’s redesign is ugly and has occasioned a dramatic increase in advertising clutter. twitter works — for me — better from outside where, however (and this is an advantage) I can’t post, like or comment.

I use(d) twitter to keep up in areas of some interest to me, and over time assembled a list of interesting and dependable sources, and some good writers, too. I will continue to consult them. here — mainly for my own convenience — are a few of the accounts I followed, and a few I did not follow, but occasionally checked.

work in progress, as of 7 August 2019.


book history, media, &c.

california, los angeles

Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Asia


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8 august 2019