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loops, vast ensembles of


detail, back cover, showing portion of Configuration des Etoilles in Characteres Celestes, in Jacques Gaffarel (1601-81 *), Curiositez inouyes sur la sculpture talismanique des Persans, horoscope des patriarches et lecture des estoilles (1629), this detail from copy at Bayerisch Staatsbibliothek, München. Mostly folded plates, and back cover, start here.

Gallica shows flat (unfolded) version of the two figures, in a different edition, on two pages starting here.

All of this philokinetical research prompted by Raúl Ruiz, Le Film a Venir (1997), around 3:24 in this subtitled version (labor of love by Jeanne Liotta) here.


The book (or are there two?) seems to contain material from Gaffarel’s Curiositez, and also from some version of Memoires Pour Servir A L’Histoire De La Fête Des Foux (e.g., this plate, from an edition printed — pirated? — in Switzerland in 1751). I cannot locate what seems to be the single volume shown in the film.

I am so late to this.

Thanks to Wild Hotels.

30 September 2012
tags: celestial alphabet; Jacques Gaffarel; Raul Ruiz