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dada hardware


from Chapter 6, Show Windows,
R. R. Williams, The American Hardware Store: A Manual of Approved Methods of Arranging and Displaying Hardware (New York: David Williams, 1896)

from the text —
The wheels of the machine were Grindstones, the front sprocket a Wheelbarrow wheel, and the rear sprocket a Lard Press screw head. The chain on the sprocket wheel was formed of Stay Chains and for the step a No. 4 Broad Axe was used. The upper frame bar was a Post Hole Digger, the lower frame bar a four-tine D handle Manure Fork and the seat a Molder’s Shovel. For the front forks two Boys’ Spades were used, with a Screw Wrench for the front axle. The handle bars were a No. 4 Bell Yoke, with an engine bell attached, and Side Lamp for a lantern. The crank arms were Sausage Meat Cutter cranks and the pedals were Rat Traps. The rider had a Pudding Pan face, Can Screw eyes, a Coffee Spout for a nose and a Patty Pan for lips and teeth. Four Dish Pans were used for the rider’s body, Grocer Scoops for shoulders, Conductor Pipe for arms, Stove Pipe for legs, Pint Cups for heels, small Grocer Scoops for feet, Garden Weeders for hands, a nickeled Tray for shirt front and a japanned Wash Pan for a hat.

18 November 2012
tags: dada; hardware; R. R. Williams