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effect of work and time, effect of stranding


unopened plates V and VI,
...showing the distortion of plates taken off the bottom of a ship in the early part of this year, to which perhaps a rather curious story is attached. The plates were made in the county of Durham, sent into Japan, built into a ship, traded to this country, stranded at Redear, near the mouth of the Tees, was brought back to the Tyne to be repaired, and had South Durham plates put back into her.
from comments by William Boyd to
John H. Heck, Notes on the effect of work and time on the properties of mild steel and iron, Transactions of the North East Coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders 24 (1908): 24-46

Other plates — of crumpled plates — illustrating the same article begin here.

18 November 2012
tags: a rather curious story; iron; Japan; stranding; work and time; John H. Heck; William Boyd