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which will hardly be imagined real physical entities


Plate XXIV. Pay streak of rich argentiferous lead ore in Silver Shield lode, showing structure and mineralogical association
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ex Economic Geology of the Bingham Mining District, Utah. By John Mason Boutwell, with A section on areal geology by Arthur Keith and Introduction on general geology by Samuel Franklin Emmons. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 38 (1905)

Nature herself, sometimes produces things, that have new relations to others : and art, especially if assisted by chymistry, may cause so many new productions, that no man can tell, but the most familiar bodies may have multitudes of qualities, he dreams not of, which will hardly be imagined real physical entities... Hence the multiplicity of qualities in the same natural bodies, may proceed from the bare texture, and other mechanical affections of their matter : for we must consider each both, not barely, as it is in itself, an entire and distinct portion of matter, but as a part of the universe; and, consequently, placed amongst a great number and variety of other bodies, upon which it may act, and by which it may be acted upon several ways...

ex Robert Boyle (1627-91 *), The Origin of Forms and Qualities; Serving as an Introduction to the Mechanical Philosophy (1676, taken from The Philosophical Works of the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq; abridged, methodized and disposed under the general heads &c., &c, 1738), here.

30 January 2013

drawing; economic geology; forms and qualities; mechanical philosophy; ore; pay streak; J. M. Boutwell; Robert Boyle