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Jan Lewerlot
Klaarstroom, South Africa
2010 / 12 / 05 12:32

One piece of a great project called Bicycle Portraits, online (and available as a set of three books). All of the images are fascinating; most come with stories attached. Every one is beautiful. Here, no story beyond the name, location and date; but the spare look of the land, crumbly red dirt, lively cyclist, and sprightly look of the (well cared-for) bike are plenty.

Image shown here with kind permission of Stan Engelbrecht, of Bicycle Portraits / Day One Publishing. (The image once was shown on the project website, but only a few remain there.) Stumbled upon via Robyn Dixon, “They're not big on bikes,” Los Angeles Times (December 29, 2012), which is now archived here.

27 January 2013

cycling; South Africa; ZA