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neither direct nor conclusive


Plate IV / VIII*. Mouth of Hybodus basanus, Egerton.
Note: The accompanying plate exhibits the appearance of the fossil embedded in the rock, and partially cleared.

illustrating Description of the Mouth of a Hybodus found by Mr. Boscawen Ibbetson in the Isle of Wight. By Sir Philip Malpas de Grey Egerton. Bart. M.P., F.R.S., F.G.S.
Proceedings of the Geological Society of London. Vol. IV (November 1842 to April 1845). London, 1846. pages 414-416
Google scan of copy at Lyon Public Library (with erroneous dates in metadata).

The evidence it affords on this question is neither direct nor conclusive, inasmuch as it is an undescribed species, and consequently any deductions beyond those based upon general affinities would be unwarrantable. In another point of view, however, this specimen is of high scientific value, as it sets at rest the long-mooted question of the relative characters of the upper and lower teeth, and their general contour in the individuals composing the genus Hybodus so extensively occurring in the secondary strata. (p 414)

Perhaps less enigmatic if unfolded, though mutely eloquent thus.

Lithographed by G. Scharf (confirmed by look at b&w scan of National Library of Scotland copy, in the Gale/Cengage product 19th Century UK Periodicals, where the words Hullmandel’s Patent Lithotint from Nature by G. Scharf are faintly visible at lower left of unfolded plate; wording confirmed here).

* IV here, VIII in index to Plates.

11 February 2013

drawing; Hybodus basanus; lithography; questions, long mooted; P. M. de Grey Egerton; G. Scharf