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Not much can be done with this poor rendering of George Scharf’s lithograph of a fossilized Hybodus basanus, taken without permission from the b&w scan of a copy in the National Library of Scotland, in Gale/Cengage 19th Century UK Periodicals.

At lower left, the faint words Hullmandel’s Patent Lithotint from Nature by G. Scharf.

of George Johann Scharf (1788-1860), there’s wikipedia for a start, leading to much else. He worked for Darwin (before a falling out, over price) and for many others.

of Charles Joseph Hullmandel (1789-1850), quite a lot more, starting with a brief entry in wikipedia, which points to Michael Twyman’s fine entry on Hullmandel in the Oxford DNB. Twyman describes lithotint thus: patented in 1840[,], this was a technically exacting process which allowed artists to work on stone with washes of diluted ink much as they could on paper.

posted here for completeness’s sake.

12 February 2013

drawing; Hybodus basanus; lithography; C. Hullmandel; G. Scharf