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on the trail of a ghost


“…There would seem to be a possibility that instruments very similar to the bifilar pendulum in principle, though different in design, might be made use of with considerable hope of success. The interesting, if not also amusing, correspondence which has lately been going the rounds of the public press, under the heading On the Trail of a Ghost, has suggested to no less an authority on seismological science than Prof. Milne, that the mysterious noises heard might very well be caused by earth tremors.”

Fig. 1, illustrating Thomas Heath. “Note on the Calcutta Earthquake (June 12, 1897), as recorded by the Bifilar Pendulum at the Edinburgh Royal Observatory.”
(Read July 5, 1897.) Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 21 (1896-97): 481-488

26 February 2013

drawing; ghosts; lines; bifilar pendulum; seismology; Thomas Heath