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second of two digitizations of (same) back cover, Harvard copy of The Academician (1818-20), September 2, 2008.

Thus classification would produce no compendiousness of plan. It would give rise to as many names as there are individuals… But we have no motives for proceeding in this manner
The terms which designate single qualities are always general... single qualities, wherever they come under our knowledge, are in reality different individuals. The whiteness of snow, and the whiteness of bleached linen, are different objects... [but] it has no proper name; because, while our attention is attracted by it, we are at the same time presented with other qualities… and it is the combined scene that fixes our attention.
“The Philological Department. Grammar.” Sect. III. Particular and General Nouns.
in The Academician 1:5 (April 30, 1818) : 73-78

29 May 2013
tags: A. Picket; J. W. Picket; classification; congeries of objects; in other words; mereology; no motives; whiteness