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or, in other words, a limited species…


one of two digitizations of (same) back cover, Harvard copy of The Academician (1818-20), September 2, 2008.

Even when any congeries of objects has a quality (or, in other words, comprehends an object) altogether peculiar, we give it no distinct name.… Even when a kind of qualities belongs to a limited range of assemblages, (or, in other words, a limited species of substances,) we borrow the name of the quality from the name of the concrete assemblage of which it forms a part...
"The Philological Department. Grammar." Sect. III. Particular and General Nouns.
in The Academician 1:5 (April 30, 1818) : 73-78

29 May 2013
tags: A. Picket; J. W. Picket; congeries of objects; in other words; mereology