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so that the density of such bits remains relatively constant


Fig. 8 — More importantly, however, inspection of Fig. 8 does not suggest any apparent method of discriminating between information bits and non-information bits since the areas within the large grains as well as therebetween contain a relatively even though random distribution of fine bits.
ex Carl O. Carlson, Information Encoding and Decoding Method, US Patent 3,279,095 (1966)

Carlson was inventor of microfiche (in 1961? probably US 3310518, 1967).
Here, pre-digital steganography, surfaced in workroom dredging.

( An unclassified mass of fragments follows. )
translator's note following last (printed) entry in The Notebooks of Simone Weil, Volume Two (1956)

11 June 2013
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