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so that the density of such bits remains relatively constant


Fig. 10 
ex Carl O. Carlson, Information Encoding and Decoding Method, US Patent 3,279,095 (1966)

Space and solitude in painting. Space and solitude — the indifference of all things. Certain events are no more charged with significance than others… Time and space makes us feel this equality… Time and space form the subject-matter of the arts, and the object of the latter is to represent this indifference.

What a difference lies between the essence of the necessary and that of the good.

When we understand that, we are detached with respect to the good.

ex The Notebooks of Simone Weil, volume 2 (Arthur Wills, translator), 1956: 400

11 June 2013
tags: detachment; indifference; rounds; C. O. Carlson; Simone Weil