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the pleasure of the text

ex Austin Celestin Lescarboura. Behind the Motion-picture Screen : How the Scenario Writer, Director, Cameraman, Scene Painter and Carpenter, Laboratory Man, Art Director, Property Man, Electrician, Projector Operator and Others Contribute Their Share of Work Toward the Realization of the Wonderful Photoplays of Today; and How the Motion Picture is Rapidly Extending Into Many Fields Aside from that of Entertainment.
Second Edition. Scientific American Publishing Company, 1921

internet archive UC copy (different from above) here.

Title borrowed from Holly Willis, her “The Pleasure of the Text:¬†Avant-garde filmmaker David Gatten transforms writing into cinema, one word at a time,” Film Comment (March-April 2013) : *

17 June 2013

a few feet of film; one word at a time; A. C. Lescarboura, Behind the Motion-picture Screen (1921); David Gatten