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shoveling, 3


Fig. 10 — Wrong way to start lifting: right foot and hand moved forward.


Fig. 11 — Mass has been lifted.


Fig. 12 — Preparing to throw mass. A short step has been taken in direction of throw.


Fig. 13 — Mass has been thrown. Note ease of position as compared with Fig. 7.

ex G. Townsend Harley, “A Study of Shoveling as Applied to Mining.” Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers 61 (1919): 147-187, discussion continued at 706-708

Harley finds little “data available on scientific shoveling,” save for F. W. Taylor’s The Principles of Scientific Management (1911) — discussion of shoveling at pages 64-69 — and Daniel J. Hauer his “A Hundred Hints for Shovelers,” in The Contractor vol 25 (March 19, 1918): 135-139

Thought to make this an animated gif, but the figure is not at consistent scale throughout this series of halftones. Have been thinking about early cinema — Hollywood, silent films, in part because of Well ain’t she a fine looking Dame? —  and this sequence fit right in. The Hauer article (“Hundred Hints” — actually 101) is poetic in an aphoristic way. Shoveling — like scraping — is a favorite activity.

To be continued.
(pp 152-153)

17 June 2013

tags: stoping; Taylorism
G. Townsend Harley, “A Study of Shoveling as Applied to Mining” (1919)