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(scan of this plate no longer shown)
Plate 12, Chart III
spectra 1-18 (mammals, more arthropods)
illustrating C. A. Mac Munn, M.A., M.D., “Researches on Myohaematin and the Histohaematins.” Communicated by Professor M. Forster, Sec. R.S.; Received October 19,—Read November 26, 1885. Philosophical Transactions 177 (1886): 267-298
Stanford University copy, no date of digitization.

Specimens exhibited on Charts I-IV discussed pp 296-298

The best maxim in writing, perhaps, is really to love your reader for his own sake.
Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914 *)
“Private Thoughts,” 17 March 1888 (Writings, vol I, p9)

23 July 2013

tags: cytochromes; unconnection; C. A. Mac Mun, “Researches” (1886); C. S. Peirce