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The place may be in Kashmir, the sands of Tibet...

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photocopy of LC copy of Sadakichi Hartmann (1867-1944 *), My Crucifixion : Asthma for 40 Years. Author’s Edition, Tujunga California, 1931

from which (p 71) —

My Remedy
Are You at war with asthma? If so, martial law is declared!... If you feel a severe attack coming on — the enemy landed, ready to kill and destroy — leave everything in Whitman fashion — leave the desk open, the book unfinished — get into your car and if you have none, commandeer one, and if you can get none, take a surface car, train, bus, airplane or a huckster’s old nag outfit — any means of transportation — go somewhere away from the present place of suffering. It is quite in the spirit of the time. So why not apply its tempo to your ill health? Where to? It does not matter.

If you are trapped in the mountains, flee to the seashore.

If you happen to be caught on wooded hills, escape to barren desert tracts.

If you are in a low altitude, go to a higher.

If you are in the city, dispatch yourself to the open country; if you are in the country, go back to the city post haste.

Twenty miles may be enough, but if not effective go a hundred, only get out and go!...

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8 September 2013

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