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such a heap of small indistinct appearances


Zincum sulphureum. Sulphuret of Zinc.
ex James Sowerby (1757-1822 *). British Mineralogy : Or, Coloured Figures Intended to Elucidate the Mineralogy of Great Britain. London, 1811. vol 4.
Bodleian copy, digitized May 26, 2006

Stunning illustrations throughout; this accidentally obscured, and interesting in its own way. Clearer (tho monochrome) rendering here (same scan, of same volume).

“This substance has so many appearances, that it is of consequence to identify some, even of the ruder-looking ones, after the neat examples figured in tabs. 74 and 75, are hardly to be recognised as belonging to the same substance... It is altogether such a heap of small indistinct appearances, that one can scarcely recognise the parts showing what formes it belongs to...”
p 173

“...who said over and over again that he was wasting time—and continued to waste it. The patient’s aim was to destroy time by wasting it.”

ex Wilfred Bion (1897-1979 *), “A Theory of Thinking,” in Second Thoughts (London, 1967)

19 October 2013

heaps; mereology; obscurity; zinc
W. Bion, “A Theory of Thinking,” (1967); J. Sowerby, British Mineralogy (1811)