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i.e., a very noisy spark


Plate IV, Fig. 3 (cropped from page and border)
“Spark spectrum photographed with rotating mirror whose axis of rotation is horizontal. The lines are thus pulled out vertically upwards. The upper pole is magnesium and the lower, cadmium... The magnesium line λ 4481, (3), being due to puffs that shoot downwards from the poles, the action of the mirror is to diminish or to arrest their apparent motion, thus separating them into a series of distinct beads. With the cadmium lines the puffs shoot upwards, and the mirror prolongs each into a line of light thus rendering the oscillatory effect less clearly visible...”
p 134

Charles C Schenck, “Some Properties of the Electric Spark and its Spectrum.” The Astrophysical Journal XIV (July-December, 1901) : 116-135
epigram p 117

“I shall limit the word ‘thought’ to the mating of a preconception with a frustration.”
Wilfred Bion (1897-1979 *), “A Theory of Thinking,” in Second Thoughts (London, 1967)

20 October 2013

cadmium; frustration; magnesium; thought
W. Bion, “A Theory of Thinking” (1967); C. C. Scheck, “Some Properties of the Electric Spark and its Spectrum” (1901)