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but this was all very uncertain.


No. 97.
January 3d, 1854 : Morning.
Lat. 22º 18' N.; Lon. 114º 10' E.
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“I was puzzled all through the morning’s observations, by what seemed to be a narrow streak of the Diffuse Light, bounded by Pollux on one side, and the ecliptic on the other, and continued above Praesepe, seemingly to the Milky Way. But this was all very uncertain. Still it forced itself on my notice again and again. I did not know what to make of it. It seemed to be, and seemed not to be.”

ex Observations on Zodiacal Light, from April 2, 1853, to April 22, 1855, made chiefly on board the United States Steam-Frigate Mississippi, during her late cruise in eastern seas, and her voyage homeward; with conclusions from the data thus obtained. by Rev. George Jones, A.M., Chaplain United States Navy. United States Japan Expedition, Volume III, 1856.
Princeton copy, digitized June 23, 2010

1 November 2013

diffuse light; seemings
George Jones, Observations on Zodiacal Light (1856)