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Page 361, line 31, for “north” read “south”
Page 452, line 12, for “pointin goutward” read “pointing outward”

ex errata, in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London : Containing papers of a mathematical or physical character 208 (1908)
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized August 23, 2012

and another
for each of three recent posts derived from Walter Rosenhain’s “Eutectic Research,” a single image (that didn’t enlarge well) was replaced with a quartet, and captions changed accordingly :

the one on the page, and another behind that (0617)
a severe test (0615), and
that I would lose the whole in the parts (0614).

1 December 2013

corrigenda; errata; for north read south; mea culpa; poutin goutward