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denudation of forges


another (University of Michigan) view of the same “...engraved section traversing Europe from the northern extremity of Great Britain to Venice” (only partially opened), illustrating
W. D. Conybeare (1782-1857 *). “Report on the Progress, Actual State, and Ulterior Prospects of Geological Science.”
In Report of the First and Second Meetings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science ; at York in 1831, and at Oxford in 1832 (London 1833) : 365-414
University of Michigan copy, digitized June 28, 2007

more obscurities loomed, than the author imagined.

18 December 2013

denudations; obscurities
W. D. Conybeare, “...and Ulterior Prospects of Geological Science” (1831)