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if the eye could be substituted for the ear


fig 20
“Figure 20 shows records made by actual radio signals sent at high speed... at 100 and 115 words per minute... at 250 words per minute.”
ex Charles A. Hoxie (1867-1941 *). “A visual and photographic device for recording radio signals.” Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers 9-10 (1921) : 506-528
University of Michigan copy, digitized April 18, 2006

“...but perhaps there are some who can remember how easy it was to record the dots and how hard it was to adjust the system so that a dash did not look like a series of dots...”   p 518

article treats development of devices for photographic recording of signals, received too quickly for ear, but not (yet) susceptible to automatic relay/processing.
epigram from p 506.

here mutilated in (google) transmission.

19 December 2013

ears; eyes; 250 wpm; speed
C. A. Hoxie, “A visual and photographic device for recording radio signals” (1921)