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Deep(er) (see also Depth)


all Nicolas de Staël (1914-55 *).
behind the glassine, Figure au bord de la Mer (1952).
one — removed — serves as a bookmark (but to which book?).

might as well be Watkins Universal Shipping Code (Revised and Extended Edition, 1904),
from which —

Wafted   /   Deep(er) (see also Depth)
Wafters   /   How deep
Wafting   /   How much deeper
Wafture   /   How deep is she
Wagamt   /   Deep enough
Wagamter   /   Deep enough for safety
Wagbalken   /   Deep — feet and — inches
Wagbar   /   Not deep
Wagbarer   /   Not too deep
Wagbarkeit   /   Too deep
Wagbaum   /   Too deep for safety
Wagblech   /   Must go deeper
Wagbohne   /   Will go deeper

it was some of de Staël’s ink dessins that got me to thinking of drawing as a means of encoding.

27 December 2013

tags: depths; dots; drawing; encodings; glassine; telegraphic codes
Nicholas de Staël