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what new-fangled notions, 41-45


Do you remember the multiplication table?

That will pave the way for you.



When I came I found your gate wide open.

I see you are inclined to be critical.

*  **


I have sold that house.
I went there yesterday.

Give me some simple story.

Can you swim? This is a sweet apple.

The bird flew swiftly over the water.



I caught a glimpse of you going around the corner.

Seeing is believing.



We crossed a ridge of the mountains.

We crossed a bridge over a stream.

At last we are home safe and sound.

* **

derivations 41-45 (of 45) ex Lillie Eginton Warren (1859-1926), The Warren Method of Expression Reading and Numerical Cipher (1898)
Library of Congress copy PN4111 .W35
available via Internet Archive, digitized November 30, 2012

Fifteenth Expression (41-42)
Long a requires two movements. Its appearance differs from long I only in the mouth being not opened quite so widely. An expression similar to the Fourteenth is followed by a slight elongation of the mouth.
15.7 = ape

Sixteenth Expression (42-45)
The mouth assumes a somewhat smiling appearance when the sounds represented by S & Z are made.
13.6.7 = asp

Appendix (45)
Ch, soft g and j have the same appearance as sh (Expression sixth). The only difference is that Sh is formed more slowly than the other sounds.
6.15.9 = chain = jaunt

December 2013

gates; glimpses; kites, seeing is believing
Lillie Eginton Warren