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experiments on punching, experiments on shearing


Plate 19. Hydraulic Shearing Press
illustrating Charles Little ("of Derby"), his "Description of a Hydraulic Shearing Press" (of James Eastwood 1808-1874 *), Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (London, 1858) : 70-77
University of Wisconsin, Madison copy; digitized December 4, 2008

Another difficulty arises from there being no means of limiting or measuring the power of the ordinary machines when driven by cranks, cams, or eccentrics; and in case of accident the momentum of the flywheel prevents the machinery stopping suddenly; and if it is desired to strengthen the machine, this can be done only by a great increase of weight, necessarily requiring much more power for driving the machine.
p 70

epigram from tables, page 73

19 January 2014

tags: James Eastwood; Charles Little; drawing; experimental philosophy; hydraulics; mechanics; shearing