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that heap of sand-atoms


A vista in our Araby : Mt. San Jacinto in the background
(frontispiece detail, obscured behind tissue)
ex J. Smeaton Chase (1864-1923 *). Our Araby : Palm Springs and the [ the ] Garden of the Sun... with a descriptive list of desert plants, etc., and hints to desert motorists (Pasadena, 1920)
University of Wisconsin – Madison copy, digitized September 12, 2012

on a clear day/page, here.

Perhaps there is aroused by the sight of that heap of sand-atoms a geological instinct akin to the sense of infinitude which is raised by the inconceivable figures of astronomy; or perhaps one's curiosity is touched, and subconsciously one wonders what may be hidden under that blanket of sand that defies the eye with its suave, unrevealing outline.
p 14

28 January 2014
tags: artefactual clouds; deserts; halftone dots; obscurity; sand; J. Smeaton Chase, Our Araby (1920)