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this new consition.


ex mimeograph transcription (this is how it was done) of
William Van Roo, "Act and Potency," Modern Schoolman 18:1 (1940): 1-5, in V's copy of volume 1 (of 2), Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Anton C. Pegis, ed.), 1940.

in the maple tree now turning red
and something different
this new consition

to present itself to our intellect

Change seems unintelligible.
and yet many
their differences
are being

You are a man
in all your being

(n)either of us is any other
again is our problem. Whether

trying to imagine this man — others too — at Loyola (Los Angeles), ca 1948, post his war, post this and that already missteps, in what was presumably a required theology class (and required text), reading what William Van Roo had to say about metamorphosis one thing become another, all cast in a teleological frame that essentially denied one's own trajectory and experience... dull rain it must have seemed.

this new consition.

28 January 2014

tags: change; consition; metamorphosis; mutability; V; VM; William Van Roo