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diffusion phenomena


Plate XVII. A.
Diffusion Phenomena in Chrysocolla ore, Empire Mine, Alder Creek District, Idaho.
Malachite, m; crystallized chrysocolla, c; and ferruginous amorphous chrysocolla, j and j'.
Camera lucida drawing. x270
(cropped from page)

ex Joseph Bertram Umpleby. Geology and ore deposits of the Mackay region, Idaho. USGS Professional Paper 97, 1917
University of Michigan copy, digitized 5 November 2009

Their character and distribution are entirely independent of any observed original structure.
p 69

more Idaho (for dm) —
Waldemar Lindgren. A Geological Reconnaissance across the Bitterroot Range and Clearwater Mountains in Montana and Idaho. USGS Professional Paper No. 27 / Series A. Economic Geology, 35; B. Descriptive Geology, 39
1904 (Stanford copy)
W(illard). G. Steward. The Measurement of Water : A hand book for ditch riders and water users. University of Idaho, Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin No. 127
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7 February 2014

tags: diffusion phenomena; ditch riding; geological reconnaissance; Idaho; rounds; J. B. Umpleby