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their Virtues, their different Natures

Mineral waters,
          how to be examined       4
          their Bubbles whence       20
          contain a spirit       21, 145
          exposed to the Air lose their Virtue       22, 24
          why they burst their Bottles       21, 21
          best drank in a Morning       26
          some hold common Salt       52
          better at top than bottom       26
          their different Natures       97
          whether imitable by Art       32, 197
          hot and cold, their Correspondence in Virtues       147
          wherein not safe       149
          hot and cold, wherein they differ       150
          some more spiritous than others       ibid.
          their Virtues, whether determinable       204
          its unctuous Substance       217

          not in Mineral Waters       45

index entries, ex New Experiments and Observations upon Mineral Waters : Directing their farther Use for the Preservation of Health, and the Cure of Diseases. By D. Friderick Hoffman, Counsellor and Physician to the King of Prussia, and Fellow of the Royal Society. Extracted from his several Essays upon this Subject, and illustrated with Notes, by Peter Shaw, M.D. London, 1731
Harvard copy, digitized April 15, 2008

February 2014

tags: hot and cold; mineral waters; Virtues; water; whether; whether imitable by art; D. Friderick Hoffman