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then at least


Fig. 19.–Electric-arc welded box, under 22 in. Vacuum, showing top side depressed.
(cropped from page and border)

illustrating H. M. Hobart. "Welding Mild Steel." Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers 62 (1919) : 569-613 (discussion 613-664
University of Chicago copy, digitized October 17, 2012

The corner was afterword repaired... and the box was subjected to a "breathing test" consisting of alternate application of 15 lb. pressure and 22 in. of vacuum
p 612

If he has no words, she thinks, then at least he has these pictures.
Georgina Harding. Painter of Silence (2012) : 275

9 March 2014
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