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nothing in themselves


Fig. 18 – Section of a thin steel plate, showing blisters and streaks of alumina
illustrating George F. Comstock. "The Presence of Alumina in Steel." Transactions of the American Foundrymen's Association 25 (1917) : 441-457, discussion 458
University of Michigan copy, digitized July 23, 2011

The lines were nothing in themselves...
No sky, no horizon, only the lit ground like liquid running on and falling away.
— Georgina Harding. Painter of Silence (2012) : 290

mindful of Bill Cronon's tweet about "the perils of context-free quotation and information so endemic to..."
what I do, I suppose.

9 March 2014
tags: H. M. Hobart; Georgina Harding; William Cronon; alumina; metallurgy; steel; streaks