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The Mural Quadrant, The Guardian of the Harvest


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The British Celestial Atlas ; being a complete guide to the attainment of a practical knowledge of the heavenly bodies: containing twelve royal quarto maps; or entire views of the starry heavens, as they appear to the naked eye: adapted for every night throughout the year: on which are carefully laid down, all the stars visible in the British Empire, from the first to the fourth magnitude; with the boundaries of the constellations accurately defined. Also, three moveable plates, and a plate of diagrams, to elucidate the motions of the earth and the celestial bodies: accompanied by a familiar treatise on astronomy.
By G. Rubie, teacher of geography, the use of the globes, and navigation, Hastings.
London, 1830
Bodleian copy, digitized May 23, 2006

epigram from list of “modern constellations which are not universally adopted,” northern hemisphere.
p 11

21 March 2014

G. Rubie, The British Celestial Atlas (1830)