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what is a field?


Plate 58
Fig. 63. Influence of Alternating Stress. Alloy K. (19.91% Ni.) x 1,000 d.
Fig. 65.   Alloy K. Influence of Tension on Cast Stucture. x 1,000 d.
(re-assembled from screen shots; decided as is is enough)
illustrating H. C. H. Carpenter, R. A. Hadfield and Percy Longmuir. “Seventh Report to the Alloys Research Committee: On the Properties of a Series of Iron-Nickel-Manganese-Carbon Alloys.” Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (November 1905) : 857-958, then discussion(s) through p1040
Harvard copy, digitized August 8, 2007

“It appears hardly necessary to anticipate a possible objection as to the nature of the black patches of various shapes.”
ex discussion of these figures at pp 955-56

After a lecture on superstring theory
How language & sculpture interact in the mind
All particles are waves in the field
We are only seeing things from different points of view
In certain limits a theory metamorphoses
Into another, and another
Space curving in on itself
What is a field?

ex Rebecca Elson (1960-99), “Extracts from the Notebook” (19 February 1998) in her A Responsibility to Awe (Carcanet, 2001)

for more on Elson, see obituary at AAS, and Carcanet.
Elson consulted at 700 and 1435.

15 March 2014

fields; metallurgy; metamorphosis
H. C. H. Carpenter; Rebecca Elson