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retarding all progress

Reniement     37803     At present lost in the tailings
Politisch     34827     To slip away
Technique     44166     Is it worth as much as
Technology     44167     It is not worth more than

“And finally I was left without them [ ‘the stone sculptures, from the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth European centuries’ (258) ]. They no longer said anything to me. I no longer said anything to them. I now had nothing to say or to give to anyone, to take from anyone, and likewise there was no longer anyone to say or give anything to me, to take anything from me. I no longer reacted to anything, either for good or for ill. I was alone. I was without a reference point. I am alone. I am lost.”
ex Peter Handke. Crossing the Sierra de Gredos (2007) : 259

Temerabat     44218     An entire wreck
Tendinoso     44272     Everything has been put in writing
Oblivion     31531     Retarding all progress

phrases from McNeill’s (Mining) Code (1899)   *

2 April 2014

lost; slipping away; tailings; telegraphic codes
Peter Handke; Bedford McNeill (1899)