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that any definiteness of structure appears

Fig. 7.—Structure of sherardized coatings; oblique section of a coating averaging 0.008 inch in thickness. Magnification, 100 diameters
a= Decarburized surface of the steel plate.
b= Inner layer of coating (probably contains FeZn3).
c= Intermediate fissured layer of the coating (FeZn3).
d= Roughened outer surface.

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ex Protective Metallic Coatings for the Rustproofing of Iron and Steel,
Department of Commerce, Circular of the Bureau of Standards. No. 80. Issued October 4, 1919
University of Michigan copy, digitized February 5, 2009

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in appearance, a coastline.

15 April 2014

definiteness; littoral; metallurgy; steel