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when equilibrium is reached


Fig. 3.—Commercial hot-dipped zinc coated sheets
a= Thin coating; average weight of coating as determined by weighing the sheet before and after dipping. 1.37 ounces per square inch.


b= Thick coating; average weight 2.5 ounces per square inch. The different layers have been lettered to correspond with those of Fig. 2. Magnification, 500 diameters.
All micrographs are arranged (here and following figures) so that the alloy, or inner layer, is toward the bottom of the image.

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ex Department of Commerce, Circular of the Bureau of Standards. No. 80. Protective Metallic Coatings for the Rustproofing of Iron and Steel. Issued October 4, 1919
University of Michigan copy, digitized February 5, 2009

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could mean weather.

One thing takes you to another, and you make something out of these haphazardly assembled materials...
recited Euan, pointing to (inscrutably, now, because paywalled) this, on Sebald.

15 April 2014

combinatorics; metallurgy; steel; zinc; weather