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you pass through forests of splendid timber


confused endpaper scan glitch
Frederick Marryat (1792-1848 *). A diary in America : with remarks on its institutions. Paris, 1839
Ghent University copy, digitized December 21, 2009

“There certainly is a charm in this wild sort of life, which wins upon people the more they practise it; nor can it be wondered at : our wants are in reality so few and so easily satisfied, without the restraint of form and ceremony...”   p 133

epigram ex p 125

I know of Marryat through his important Code of Signals. Marryat also authored The Floral Telegraph; or Nature’s Affects, that appeared in two versions/editions (1836 and 1850). The novel is the subject of Daniel Wuebben, his “Captain Frederick Marryat and The Floral Telegraph; or, a forgotten coder and his floral code.” Victorian Literature and Culture 42 (June 2014) : 209-233
this (wonderful) paper can be found at the author’s academia.edu page

Scanned signal codes (that I am aware of) are listed here, with somewhat more detail on individual codes here.

20 April 2014

language of flowers; wilds; veneer of civilization; dreamscape; forests
Frederick Marryat