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old pots and their bases, at right, newly deployed (today), subject to adjustment.
same area was disrupted recently by replacement of gas service
(i.e., the arrow, and new service line, gray, where it enters basement).

street work continued — dig, work, fill, dig, work, fill — day after day after day, all winter long.
worse is yet to come, with overhaul of storm and sewer lines scheduled for summer.
corner location means double whammy.

over the years, there’ve been California poppies in there, penstemon (still), a rose bush (didn't survive these recent insults); papaver orientalis, broom (terminally disfigured by fall of clump of snow, off roof three floors above). yucca (at left, now multiplying despite attempt a few years ago to root it out). the yew makes life difficult for unfortunates in its vicinity (hence the concrete/rock garden). what else. lilies (in addition to the yucca), lavender, Missouri primrose...
a privet hedge was pulled 20 years ago.

4 May 2014

orts; local color; nb