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and therefore on the line of an old fault


Plate IX. Damage to Pilarcitos 30-inch pipe line by earthquake. B. Telescoping.
Photographs submitted by Frank Soulé.
(cropped from border and page)
ex The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906 and their effects on structures and structural materials. Reports by Grove Karl Gilbert, Richard Lewis Humphrey, John Stephen Sewell, and Frank Soul;. With preface by Joseph Austin Holmes, In Charge of Technologic Branch.
USGS Bulletin No. 324. Series R, Structural Materials, 1. 1907
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

The conduit had been located for convenience in one of the long, narrow valleys,...
pp 17-18

I had quite a fascination with sub-architecture.

ex Oral history interview with Lewis Baltz,
2009 Nov. 15-17, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution   *

Lewis Baltz (1945-2014) *

6 May 2014

conduit; damage; failure; faults; infrastructure; sub-architecture; tectonics
Lewis Baltz; G. K. Gilbert et al