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and from it stones have been thrown


Photo No. 2. Lassen Peak, new crater, 400 feet long, June 28, 1914.
(cropped from border)
ex Part VI. The Counties of Shasta, Siskiyou, Trinity. By G. Chester Brown. Report XIV of the State Mineralogist. Mines and Mineral Resources of portions of California. Chapters of State Mineralogist’s Report, Biennial Period 1913-1914. Sacramento, 1916
NYPL copy, digitized September 25, 2013

epigram from p 747.

While he is wandering about, spouting his lines with his head in the air like a fowler intent on his game, he can fall into a well or pit...

Horace, on mad poets (and Empedocles *),
in The Art of Poetry
Penguin translation, 1965

10 May 2014

empedoclean view; economic geology; Lassen Peak
G. C. Brown; Horace