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when the ship began to sink the

(4) Binet’s Reconstruction Test. — The patient is to find the meaning in a sentence the text of which is wrongly put together:

a) We about the
early travelled
in country
morning the.

b) of adversity in days for a faithful friend
find one will not, that one has done
good regret the

c) When the ship began to sink the life boats were
overboard; one of them drowned. of ...

ex August Wimmer. Psychiatric-neurologic Examination Methods: With Special Reference to the Significance of Signs and Symptoms. Authorized translation by Andrew W. Hoisholt, M.D. (1919) : 49
Harvard copy, digitized November 2, 2007

makes (way too much?) sense to me, in present “wrongly put together” form.

12 May 2014

about; sentences; signs and symptoms; sinking; symptoms
A. Wimmer