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the fewer intentions.


pocket in rear, detail
USGS Professional Paper 101, Geology and Paleontology of the Raton Mesa and other Regions in Colorado and New Mexico. Papers by Willis T. Lee and F. H. Knowlton. 1917
University of Michigan copy, digitized February 1, 2008

...these becoming less and less marked until in the upper part they are merely slight indentations or at the extreme tip are wholly absent…
p 285

“No, I simply had to look for a form. All the indentations, the things one senses. Although even today, I still don’t wholly know why I then take the one thing and erase the other. It eludes me. Other people think these are fantasies. For me, they’re realities. Realities that I feel.”

Maria Lassnig (1919-2014 *) in interview at Frieze 103 (Nov-Dec 2006) here, via New York Times obituary here.

epigram ex Frieze interview.

16 May 2014

indentations; intentions; fewer intentions; marks
W. T. Lee; F. H. Knowlton; Maria Lassnig