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curves of abstraction


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ex USGS Water-Supply Paper 300, Water Resources of California Part III, Stream measurements in the Great Basin and Pacific Coast river basins. Prepared under the direction of John C. Hoyt by H. D. McGlashan and H. J. Dean. 1913
NYPL copy, digitized June 21, 2006

The process of abstraction in the subjects mind is largely an incidental matter; and so far as conscious, is a means to an end rather than an end in itself.

ex Clark Leonard Hall (1884-1952 *). Some Experiments on the Evolution of Concepts: A Preliminary Report. University of Wisconsin, MA thesis, 1915
LC copy, digitized 2011?
in modified form as Clark L. Hull. Quantitative Aspects of the Evolution of Concepts: An Experimental Study. Psychological Monographs 28:1 (1920)
University of Wisconsin - Madison copy, digitized October 18, 2007
(from which the epigram)

was searching “Los Angeles River,” whose basin is discussed here.

17 May 2014

stream measurements; rivers; water
C. L. Hull, Evolution of Concepts; H. J. Dean and H. D. McGlashan, Water-Supply Paper 300